Golf in Sharon started in 1898 on what was then O'Leary's farm on East Street. A group of enterprising men rented part of George O'Leary's cow pasture for the purpose of playing the game of Golf.
The first Clubhouse was a small, rustic building near the center of the property- a structure now used for storage (near the new Maintenance facility). The present Clubhouse was originally the O'Leary Dairy Barn. The cows were responsible for "mowing the fairways" (adding hazards along the way). They were kept off the Greens by black pipe fences.
In 1921, Tom O'Leary (George's son) sold the farm to Sharon Country Club. The cow pasture was "improved" to a more conventional type course and the barn conversion to a Clubhouse was completed in1923. Tom O'Leary took over as Superintendent which he continued for 35 years.
Sharon Country Club remained a 9 Hole course until 2002, when 3 Holes were added.