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    Code of Conduct


  1. Members and guests shall be subject to the Dress Code, which is attached hereto and incorporated herein. It shall be the responsibility of the member to alert his/her guest to the requirements of the Dress Code.

  2. Members and guests shall be expected to pursue a code of conduct that is fully cognizant of the rights of others enjoying the course and the clubhouse. If a member’s conduct or action is disruptive to other members then that conduct or action cannot be allowed. All members should respect the rights of others. If asked by another member to cease a distracting or disruptive behavior, the offending member should do so immediately or face possible disciplinary action by the Board of Governors.

  3. Any complaint against a SCC employee shall be presented to the appropriate committee or board member for investigation.  Members are not allowed to have a direct confrontation with an employee.

  4. Use of personal speakers or cell phones to play music is not allowed on or within 25’ of the clubhouse patio.

  5. Smoking is prohibited within the clubhouse, on the patio, on the path in front of the clubhouse or within 25’ of the clubhouse.  Smoking is allowed on the course or in the designated smoking area.

  6. Members shall maintain lockers and locker room in a clean fashion, free of interior and exterior clutter.

  7. No member is allowed in the bar area when the bar is closed.


  1. Members must sign in at the Pro Shop prior to the start of each nine or eighteen hole round of play.

  2. Members may invite guests to play the golf course. However, such guests shall enjoy playing privileges of not more than twice per month and shall sign in the “guest book” prior to commencing play. If for some reason the Pro Shop is unattended, it is the responsibility of the member to see that the guest (greens) fee is paid in accordance with SCC billing procedures.

  3. The greens and cart fees of guests shall be charged and members shall be billed for such charges on a monthly basis.

  4. Prior to 11 AM on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays all groups must have at least three players, two of which must be members.

  5. When signing in for play the entire group must be present or the group will lose its position and wait until the staff can find an open position among the groups.

  6. When completing the first nine the group must check with the Pro/Starter to receive a position for the second nine. Due to heavy play on Thursday, starting at 4: 00 PM, the Pro has been instructed to allow two groups to start before a group playing the second nine.

  7. Due to the Covid-19 restrictions tee times will be required using the on-line system on the SCC website.

  8. The golf course opens on a daily basis at 7:00 AM.

  9. The course will be available for member sponsored outings on Mondays. All outings are subject to board approval.


  1. Rules applying to the golf course, as approved by the Board of Governors, shall be followed by members and guests.

  2. The rules pertaining to men’s and women’s tournaments, as drafted by the Tournament Committee, shall be followed by all members.

  3. Soft spiked golf shoes are mandatory on the golf course.

  4. The Pro, or his assignee, has control over the first tee.  No member has the right to willfully ignore his instructions.  Violators may be subject to disciplinary action

  5. No five-somes are allowed during the regular season (April-October).  During the winter season, if play is light, this rule may be relaxed but at no time should five-somes hold up any group behind them.

  6. Practice on the golf course is not allowed.  Playing two balls is not allowed.

  7. Holes are to be played in the correct order, i.e. 1,2,3…  Jumping holes is not allowed.

  8. In the past there have been a number of complaints regarding a member hitting into the group in front.  There are no excuses for this.  The 6th hole is particularly dangerous.  One member of the group should remain at the top of the hill so that the group on the tee knows that the fairway is not clear.  The Board will take action on any breach of this fundamental golf rule.

  9. All divots must be filled with divot mix.  Walkers must obtain a divot mix container before playing and return it at the end of play.  Ball marks on the green should also be fixed properly – fix yours plus one more.

  10. Music is allowed to be played on the golf course BUT it must be heard ONLY by members in your group.

  11. Pace of play should not exceed four (4) hours and twenty (20) minutes.  The lowest handicapped member in the group is responsible for monitoring and adjusting the pace of play.  Multiple infractions may result in disciplinary action such as being prohibited from playing during peak times.

  12. Do not confront a slow playing group.  If the group in front has one open hole in front of them, contact the pro shop to report the issue.  The pro or his designee will drive out and rectify the issue.  It is possible the pro may instruct the group to move on to the next hole. Any altercation between groups should be avoided.  Contact the pro and he will deal with the situation.


  1. The operators of golf carts, powered or hand carts, shall comply with the rules and regulations on the golf course as set by the Board of Governors.

  2. Only licensed drivers are eligible to rent and operate an electric cart.

  3. No more than two bags are allowed on an electric cart.  Riding on the back of an electric cart is strictly prohibited.

  4. All fees for the use of electric carts shall be charged at the Pro Shop and paid when due.

  5. Electric carts may be reserved at the Pro Shop prior to tournament play.

  6. Electric, hand carts, or carry bags are not permitted on the greens, tees and their fringe areas.

  7. Electric and hand carts must respect roped off areas, fescue grass areas and other ground under repair.

  8. Electric carts used to access the Driving Range or short game area must stay on the cart paths.  Cutting across fairways to return to the clubhouse area is not permitted.

  9. Driver assumes all liability for course and cart damage.


  1. Please be respectful of golfers on the course when traveling from the Clubhouse area to and from the Driving Range.

  2. Please follow the cart path from the maintenance building, by the cell tower and directly to the Driving Range.

  3. Please show caution when driving in front of the 2nd and 18th tees for groups teeing off on those holes.

  4. Members are NOT permitted to go to the Driving Range and then play the 9th hole when returning to the Clubhouse area.  Violating this prohibition may result in disciplinary action by the Board of Governors.

  5. Please do not park your car in the vicinity of the maintenance building when walking to the driving range.