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    Code of Conduct


  1. Members and guests shall be subject to the Dress Code, which is attached hereto and incorporated herein. It shall be the responsibility of the member to alert his/her guest to the requirements of the Dress Code.

  2. Members and guests shall be expected to pursue a course of conduct that is fully cognizant of the rights of others enjoying the course and clubhouse privileges. The Club’s code of conduct specifically states that if a member’s conduct or actions is disruptive to other members, then that conduct or action cannot be allowed. All members should respect the rights of other members. If asked by another member to cease a distracting or disruptive action, please do so immediately.

  3. Any complaints against clubhouse employees, or any employee, shall be presented to the appropriate Committee or Board Member for investigation, and members shall not become involved in direct confrontation with such employees.

  4. Lockers shall be available to members subject to the payment of such yearly fees as to be set by the Board of Governors. The members shall maintain lockers in a clean fashion, free of interior or exterior clutter.


  1. Members must sign in at the Pro Shop prior to the start of each nine or eighteen hole round of play, inserting in the Log Book the date and Member Handicap Number.

  2. Members may invite guests to play the golf course. However, such guests shall enjoy playing privileges of not more than once a month, and shall sign in at the Pro Shop prior to commencing play. If for some reason the Pro Shop should be unattended when you arrive with a guest, it is the responsibility of the member to see that green fees are paid in accordance with billing procedures.

  3. The golf course fees and cart fees of guests shall be charged at the Pro Shop and members shall be billed for such charges on a monthly basis.

  4. A member and multiple guests on a Saturday, Sunday or Holiday morning shall not be allowed to commence play prior to 11:00 AM. However, a member and one guest have no restriction as to starting time.

  5. On Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays not less than a three-some shall commence play prior to 11:00 AM.

  6. ALL score cards, home or away, shall be signed, dated, attested and turned in with the member’s Handicap Number posted in the box with member’s name. All nine-hole rounds shall also be posted.

  7. Member handicaps will be determined in accordance with the rules and administration of Mass Golf and the World Handicap System. At least 54 holes from any combination of 18-hole and 9-hole rounds will be required to receive a new handicap.

  8. The rules pertaining to men and women’s Tournament play, as drafted by the Tournament Committee, shall be followed by the members.

  9. Rules applying to golf course use, as drafted by the Greens Committee, shall be followed by members and guests.

  10. The golf course opens on a daily basis at 7:00 AM


  12. When signing up for play at the first tee, you must have your full group here on the premises or you will lose that position, and you’ll go to the back of the list. When making the turn, you must check in with the pro/starter, and you will receive a position for your back nine. The Board has instructed the Pro that no more than two groups are to be backed up between nines. Due to heavy play on Thursday, starting at 4:00PM, the Pro has been instructed to allow two groups to start rather than alternating.

  13. Regular Active Members may play any time during the calendar year provided they are in good standing regarding dues or invoices at the Pro Shop or clubhouse.

  14. Playing times for the use of the golf course by various membership categories as posted are for year round unless otherwise posted.

  15. Class A Members may play any time during the calendar year with the following restrictions. On Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays, Class A Members are permitted to play at 1:00 PM. However, during the winter season, from the end of daylight savings through the end of December, Class A and Spouses may tee off at 12:30 PM with the stipulation that Regular Active members have priority arriving and making the turn.

  16. Associate Members may play at any time during the calendar year except on Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays.

  17. Junior Members may play at any time during the calendar year except on Saturdays, Sundays and holiday mornings. Juniors may start on weekends and holidays no sooner than 3:00 PM or at the Pro’s discretion.

  18. The Pro or his assignee has control of the first tee, and no member has the right to willfully ignore his or her instructions. Violations will be dealt with severely. Report your grievance to any Board Member or to the Pro Liaison.

  19. No practicing on the golf course. Playing of two balls, hitting onto greens, hitting out of traps etc. is not permitted.

  20. Members must hit within two club lengths of tee markers.

  21.  Proper order when closing the course. 1.) Greens Chairperson/Superintendent, 2.) Pro, 3.) Tournament Chairperson

  22. “RELIEF” allowed from 1.) Painted rocks on the fairway, 2.) Active cart paths, 3.) and Guy wires. Not allowed from telephone poles or net on the 5th hole.

  23. No five-somes allowed during the regular season. During the winter season, if play is slow, this rule is relaxed but at no time should five-somes hold up any group behind them regardless of their number.

  24. The High School Golf Team generally is permitted to use the golf course on designated dates during the months of September and October and usually on some Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons; so be aware and watch for posting or check with the Pro Shop to avoid any inconvenience.

  25. The Board, having received a number of complaints in the past about being hit into, will take serious action against anyone for hitting into groups ahead of them. Wait until all players are well clear before hitting. Excuses such as “career shot”, “didn’t see”, “thought they were gone” are poor excuses for someone ending up in the hospital or worse. The sixth hole is particularly dangerous. Leave one from your group on top of the hill so that the group on the tee knows when to hit.

  26. The course will be available for member-sponsored outings on Monday’s. All outings are subject to the Boards approval. Please see a Board member for an application and a copy of the rules & regulations.


  1. When the golf carts are used, no more than two bags allowed per cart.

  2. The operators of all golf carts, powered or hand carts, shall comply with the rules and the regulations for the use of such carts on the golf course as set by the Superintendent or the Board of Governors.

  3. All fees for the use of the golf carts shall be charged at the Pro Shop and paid on a monthly basis.

  4. Golf carts may be reserved at the Pro Shop prior to tournament play.

  5. No hand/pull carts or carry bags are permitted on the greens or fringe of greens and keep hand/pull carts outside of sand traps surrounding the greens.

  6. The use of golf carts shall be subject to such further rules and regulations pertaining to such use as are set forth in the General By-Laws of the Club. All golf carts, pull, hand, or powered, must respect the white lines or roped off areas.

  7. Only licensed drivers are eligible to rent or drive a golf cart.

  8. Carts used to access the Driving Range, must stay on the cart paths. Cutting across fairways to get to or return from the Range, is not allowed. Playing the Ninth hole, when returning from the Range is not allowed.