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Dinner Specials

Week of Friday, Dec. 4th
starting at 5:00 pm

New Clubhouse Winter Hours are in effect starting Friday, Dec, 4th. (View Hours)

Dinner Specials For
Friday, Dec. 4th:

Dinner: Oriental Glazed Pork Loin served with jasmine rice and broccoli

We will be serving a very Limited Menu.

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Enjoy The Spectacular Views Of The Golf Course From Our New Clubhouse!

Masks Must Be Worn Unless You Are Seated At A Table! 

The restaurant will be open daily for outdoor patio seating and indoor seating in the dining room. Both spaces are subject to the COVID-19 guidelines. No more than 6 people will be allowed at one table according to the limit imposed by the Massachusetts Phase 3 Coronavirus guidelines. Social distancing is required to be maintained at all times. For this reason, members are not allowed to rearrange tables. Please ask the staff if you want to explore a different seating arrangement. Wear a mask at all times at the Clubhouse. The staff has been instructed to turn you away if you are not wearing a mask and to report the incident if you refuse.

There will be a limited menu offering for the time being. Dinner specials are being added each week. Restaurant Chits may be used for food as well as beer, wine and liquor for this year. You may also purchase food and beverages to take with you on your round. Call your order in ahead at 781-784-5885. Beer will be sold in cans only. Food and beverages may be consumed only while seated in the outdoor seating area. Since seating is limited, we ask that you be courteous to your fellow members and leave when you are finished. Due to the current guidelines, waiting around the Clubhouse and the parking lot for a table to open is not permitted. Tables and chairs will be sanitized between each seating.

Smoking is not allowed within 25 feet of the clubhouse. The Board has established a smoking area to the right of the first tee by the picnic table. Please make sure you safely dispose of any lighted cigars or cigarettes for safety measures.

Please don't forget to TIP the staff. Credit cards may be used and a TIP jar will be available for those who wish to leave cash.

If you are not stopping at the restaurant after finishing your round, please leave the club immediately since this requirement is still in effect during the current guidelines. Your cooperation and help is needed as we navigate through the latest changes of this pandemic. The intent is to open to the extent now allowed while keeping you and the staff safe. We ask for your patience as we implement these changes.