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    Dress Code

Commencing April 1st and continuing through October 31st, the proper dress will be required by all members and their guests while using the golfing facilities. Failure to adhere to this policy at all times will result in disciplinary action by the Board of Governors.

Proper dress for male members and their guests shall consist of a shirt with a collar and sleeves and a pair of non-denim pants or shorts. Shorts must be Bermuda length. Jeans of any kind or color, cut-off shorts, tennis shorts, sweat pants or sweat suits, tank tops or T-shirts will not be permitted. Mock collared shirts are allowed as long as they are proper golf attire.

Proper dress for female members and their guests shall consist of a shirt, slacks or Bermuda length shorts. Denim of any kind or color will not be permitted.

This policy applies to all classes of membership and their guests, including Juniors, the high school team players and their visiting opponents.

Neat and appropriate jeans will be allowed in the Clubhouse only and are not allowed on the golf course at any time of the year.