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    Open Tournaments

There are four tournaments open to all members that are played across the season. The Open tournaments are a great opportunity to meet, mix, and socialize with other members. These are fun tournaments for everyone: men and women, high and low handicap players, and Regular Active to Limited Play Social members. Most of these tournaments are shotgun starts where everyone finishes together and continues the fun in the Clubhouse.

Opening Day Cap-AM

Usually played on the second Saturday in April, this is an ABCD format played as a scramble. The entry fee is $25 plus $10 for a BBQ buffet after the round. Start the season off right meeting new members and making new friends.

Opening Day Cap-AM Results

Memorial Day Cap-AM

This tournament kicks off the summer. It is also an ABCD scramble with a shotgun start and a buffet following the round.

Memorial Day Cap-AM Results

Holiday Flag Tournament

This is an annual July 4th tournament open to all members. Each player receives a flag with their name on it. You plant your flag at the spot where your last shot ends. Your last shot is based on your handicap. For example, a 10-handicap player would plant their flag after their 82nd stroke. Furthest along in the course wins.

Flag Day Results

Labor Day Cap-AM

This tournament marks the end of the summer. The format is an ABCD scramble that brings everybody in to the play. It is a shotgun start with a buffet following.

Labor Day Cap-AM Results

Chowder Bowl

This tournament marks Staff Appreciation Day. The format is played as an ABCD scramble. There is a $25 entry fee with the entire sum going to our staff. An additional $5 covers chowder and chili after the round. All players are asked to bring a gift/prize worth $20-$25 for the prize table. Everybody wins but winners get to pick their prize first.

Chowder Bowl Results

Turkey Shoot

This tournament is the last open Cap-AM of the year. The format is an ABCD scramble that brings everybody in to the play. Thanksgiving is just a couple of weeks away.

Turkey Shoot Results