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    Women's League

Sharon Ladies League

The Ladies League is an opportunity to meet, socialize and play with other women of all levels of experience in a fun, non-competitive format. We welcome everyone.

The Ladies league is played on Tuesdays. Typically there are a few groups that go out in the morning and other groups that go out between 3:00 and 5:00 pm. People can play anytime during the day as long as they play with someone who can verify their score and sign their card. If you show up and see other women ready to play, please feel free to join them. 

The format changes weekly. The weekly signup sheet will tell you the challenge of the week, which is different each week. Common formats include Low Net, Fewest putts, 3 Blind Mice (pro picks 3 holes to throw out after we all come in), Throw out your 3 worst holes, etc. Any ideas on other formats are welcome. Note: Handicaps are always applied unless it does not make sense (ex: Fewest putts).

There is a minimal one-time fee to join the league that pays for end of year prizes and luncheon. There is also a weekly fee of $5 each time you play. A small portion of the weekly fee also goes to end of year prizes but the rest goes to weekly prizes for that week. Sign up in the Pro Shop and pay your one-time league entry fee and your weekly fee each time you play. The sign-up sheet will tell you the challenge of the day.

Those who join the league are eligible for end of year prizes including:

  • Most improved
  • Best attendance
  • Birdies – We track each birdie you get during league play and pick a winner based on the number of birdies.
  • Ringers – Low Gross and Low Net – Ringers is where we keep track of the best scores a player has made on each hole over the course of the league season.  

Women's League Results

Mass Golf Women’s Spring Team Matches

The Women’s Spring Team Matches are a statewide tournament consisting of 5 matches played on Thursdays (April & May) between 6 Mass Golf Member Club teams in each Cup. The 6 teams in each Cup will compete against each other over the course of the 5 match days. The format is singles match play net at 100% handicap allowance. Teams are made up of 5 female players from a Club or course. Each player on a team is affiliated with and represents their home Club and team. Players from each team will be paired by handicap index (lowest to highest) for each match. Handicap strokes will be calculated off the player with the lowest handicap in each match, with no more than one stroke per hole given to a player, regardless of course handicap. Each match consists of 18 holes. Points are awarded for each hole won or tied. The team with the most points at the conclusion of the 5 matches will be the winner of that Cup.

Spring Results

Interclub League

Sharon Country Club, Walpole, Foxboro and Wampatuck will play each other once from June thru September. All of these events are open to all our Women members. The entry Fee is in the $50.00 range and includes golf and lunch after.

Interclub Results

Mass Golf Women’s Fall Cup Matches

The Women’s Fall Cup Matches are a statewide tournament consisting of 3 matches played in September between Member Club teams. Each team consists of 6 female players. Each match will be played in a Four-Ball (best ball) match play format at 90% handicap allowance. Players from each team will be paired by handicap index (lowest to highest) for each match. The Fall Cup season will culminate in the Fall Cup Championship where a gross and net championship team will be crowned. The Fall Cup Championship field will consist of each region’s winning team sending 6 players to compete in a Four-Ball (best ball) stroke play format.

Fall Cup Matches are a great opportunity for players of all skill ranges and experience levels to be part of a competitive, team oriented and socially engaging event.

Contact Maria Levin for more information if you are interested in participating in either league. 

Fall Cup Results