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    Membership Levels

Sharon Country Club offers a choice of several membership levels with different playing privileges. The levels are intended to accommodate people with more or less available time to play and different budgets.

Regular Active

Regular Active members enjoy full playing privileges as well as priority for tournaments and events.  Only Regular Active members are eligible to hold office and vote in elections and on Club business. They also enjoy priority for lockers and bag storage.

Class A

Class A members can play at any time except Saturday, Sunday, and Holidays before 1:00pm. They may invite guests to play within the constraints of their playing privileges.


A Family membership includes one Regular Active membership and one Class A membership as well as unlimited memberships for their children under the age of 21. The member privileges are subject to the rights and restrictions as noted in each membership category. Children may play weekdays and Saturday, Sunday, and Holidays after 3:00pm.


The Intermediate Membership is reserved for players between the ages of 21 and 35. An Intermediate member has full playing privileges and may invite guests.


A member is eligible for a Senior membership if they are 70 years old and have been members in good standing for 15 years or 75 years old with 10 years of membership in good standing. Seniors cannot play Saturday, Sunday, and Holidays before 1:00pm.

Limited Playing Social (LPS)

The LPS membership is limited to new members only. Play is limited to 36 holes each month played in any combination of 9 and 18 holes. Play on weekends and holidays is limited to play after 1:00pm. LPS members may invite guests.


Social members have full use of the clubhouse but not the golf course or practice facilities. A Social member may play golf as the guest of a member of the Club but not more than once a month and the Social member must sign in at the Pro Shop prior to commencing play. Social members are granted access to all non-golf facilities in the clubhouse including dining, bar and any social events.  Social members may bring guests to the clubhouse and bar. Social members are permitted to take golf lessons when accompanied by the Club’s teaching professional.