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    Regular Active Tournaments

The following tournaments are for Regular Active and Intermediate members. Both the fun and the intensity increase in these competitions. The tournament schedule will be finalized in mid-March. So, check the Calendar and these pages for final dates and formats.

Devil Ball Tournament

Usually played in early May, this is a select tournament where members may choose their foursomes. This is a 4 person select for RA and Intermediate members. Select your own foursome and pick your own tee time online when signing up. The devil ball format is a fun 2 best balls of 4 at 85% handicap. Each hole one person will be designated to have the devil ball and their score must count. The other ball will come from the best of the other 3 players. Teams will stick to their devil ball rotation throughout the round (if you were the devil ball on 1 you will have it again on 5 etc etc.)

Sharon Ryder Cup

This is a two-day tournament. Two person teams play four different 9-hole formats over the two days. Last year it was 1 Best Ball, 2-person scramble, Modified Alternate Shot and 2 best ball combined net. It is one of the most popular tournaments of the year. Get in early.

Sharon CC Open

This is a select tournament and the format is one best ball gross and one best ball net. They cannot be the same ball.

Governor’s Cup

This is a two-person team, 1 best ball net event. Sign up individually.  Teams will consist of an A player and a B player, chosen by blind draw with the exception of the defending champions who take on the field with a chance to repeat.

Fall Classic

This event is a two-day tournament. Sign up individually. 3-person teams will be chosen in an ABC blind draw. The format is two best net balls. Tee times will be assigned and begin at 8am Saturday. The field will be seeded for day two with the leaders going out last.

Ringer Tournament

The Ringer is a two-day tournament for 2-person teams. The format is one best ball of two. Pick your own partner and tee time. On the second day, teams play to try and improve their 18-hole score. It’s a two day 36 hole tournament, but the teams turn in one 18 hole final scorecard choosing the lowest score of each hole over the two days. There are awards for 1st day and 2nd day low scores as well as the award for low Ringer score.

Points Tournament

In certain of the RA tournaments described above, players earn points based on their finish. The top 12 players on the points list qualify for the Points tournament (similar to the PGA’s fed ex cup). Players with perfect attendance at the ”points” tournaments throughout the season also automatically qualify. Players who missed just one event may buy their way into the Points tournament by paying the entry fee of the event they missed.

Brandy Open

The Brandy Open is for the heartiest of souls who cannot bear the thought of putting their clubs away. It is an unsanctioned two-day tournament played the Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving. You will need the Brandy for this one!