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    Golf Lessons

Connected Coaching

One and done lessons are a thing of the past.  In order to gain consistency in your game, we must take a consistent approach to your instruction.  For 2021 I will be bringing connected coaching to Sharon CC through the CoachNow app. Sign up for one of the monthly packages below to take your game to the next level.  Instead of paying for one lesson, we will be making a commitment together to work on your game for an extended period of time.  Leave behind the idea of having one lesson and then being on your own.  Over the course of a month, we will put in the work to make sure that progress is made, and changes take hold.

I will be offering 3 packages with different levels of interactions and commitments: 

Online Package $50/mo

Exclusively online through the CoachNow platform. 

Includes one video analysis per week for 4 weeks. Full access to my CoachNow video library.

Hybrid Package $150/mo ($200 Value!)

The hybrid package will mix the best of online and in person lessons.  We will have once a week interactions and video analysis mixed with one 60 minute in person session on the driving range. Full access to my CoachNow video library.

Hybrid Plus Package $250/mo ($300 Value!)

For the golfer looking to make serious changes and take their game to the next level. The hybrid plus package will include weekly online interactions/video analysis mixed with one 2 hour session on the driving range.  Players will also enjoy free use of any training aids used in our sessions (G Box, Planemate, Swing Click, Superspeed) as well as same day access to empty practice club spots.Full access to my CoachNow video library.

Practice Club

For those of you looking for group instruction, I will be offering an all new clinic program called the Sharon CC Practice Club.

Practice Club members will be able to participate in twice monthly in person hour long clinics that will have no more than 4 students per clinic.  Clinics will take place twice a month on non-tournament days with availability all day.  Simply sign up for whichever time works best for you.  Coordinate with your friends and all come together! These clinics will also be 100% student driven.  I will not pick topics ahead of time.  Students will pick their own topics or use the time as supervised practice to ensure that you get what you want out of each clinic!  Portions of every clinic will be recorded and posted to the Practice Club group on CoachNow for you all to reference whenever you like. 

Cost: $50/per month. 

Email me now for more information or to sign up now! This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.